Sermons by Phillip Dawson

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Start:Stop – Lord, do you wash my feet?

This week we look at a passage that opens the second half of John’s Gospel – the ‘Book of Glory’. Here, the pace of events slows and the focus changes. John has spent the first part of his Gospel describing, through signs and teaching , Jesus’ love for the world. Now he focuses on Jesus’  [Read More]

Start:Stop – Nevertheless believers

During Lent at our informal discussion group, we are exploring the Gospel of John – do join us via Zoom on Thursdays at 7.30pm if you can. For more details click here. One of the distinctive features about the gospel of John is the number of ‘asides’ or ‘stage whispers’ if you prefer, often shown  [Read More]

Start:Stop – Do you want to be made well?

In our Start:Stop reflection this week, we explore how one of the ‘Signs’ from John’s gospel confronts us with questions about the limits we impose on grace, truth and love; and points us towards the limitless love of Jesus, who is full of grace and truth. Listen at the link above or read the script  [Read More]

Start:Stop – Fasting and Feasting

This week we are invited to begin the observance of a Holy Lent through study of the scriptures, prayer – and fasting, which, following Jesus’s example in the desert, is usually interpreted as abstaining from certain foods.   My own, limited, attempts at fasting during Lent have rarely lasted more than a few weeks before I  [Read More]

Start:Stop – The Long Road to Damascus

This week the church celebrates the conversion of St Paul. The feast, on 25th January, also marks the end of the Week of Prayer of Christian Unity. The drama of Paul’s road to Damascus experience is told in Chapter 9 of Acts of the Apostles, but also in Paul’s own words in his letter to  [Read More]

Start:Stop – Ode to Joy (and Freedom)

Advent this year brings a glimmer of light that freedom from the lockdown is on the horizon, but the consequences of the pandemic will be long-lasting and our calling, as Christ’s church, will be as important as ever. As we prepare to celebrate the coming of Christ let us renew our commitment to live our  [Read More]