Sermons by Phillip Dawson

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Morning Prayer – 27th July 2020

Join Phillip for Morning Prayer, according to the Book of Common Prayer, for the online community of St Augustine’s College of Theology, where he is a student. Follow the order of service at this link.  Psalms : 120, 121, 122, 123, 124 and 125 Readings : 1 Samuel 10.1-16 and Luke 22.24-30

Start:Stop-Mary Magdalene

The academic Anna Carter Florence has said that the best literature uses language that moves – and encourages us to read scripture ‘verbs first’. For many centuries, parts of the church seem to have been distracted by the nouns it has chosen to ascribe to Mary Magdalene. Sinner. Prostitute. But she is best remembered for  [Read More]

Sung Morning Prayer – 13th July 2020

Phillip led Morning Prayer today for St Augustine’s College of Theology, where he is a student. Please join him by following the video above. Today, he sings the office for the first time! With a bit of help from the organ! You can sing along by following the chants in the order of service at  [Read More]

Start:Stop – The Bread of Life

Like many churches, we have begun to consider the changes we need to make to enable us to celebrate the Eucharist safely when public worship resumes here. For our Start:Stop reflection this week, I thought it seemed a good time to think about how our lives are changed by receiving the Eucharist? Listen at the  [Read More]

Start:Stop – The perfect messenger

Reminding us that change is a natural part of God’s creation, Midsummer’s Day falls this week in the northern hemisphere, the point at which the days start to decrease and the nights start to increase in length. Six months before Christmas, Midsummer’s Day also marks the Feast of the Nativity of John the Baptist. Jesus  [Read More]

Start:Stop-I wash my hands in innocence

“I pray that those of us who are white Christians repent of our own prejudices, and do the urgent work of becoming better allies to our brothers and sisters of colour.”   “For those of us who are white Christians, I pray that we reflect and pray deeply and honestly on what it means to  [Read More]

An Hour of Prayer for Thy Kingdom Come

During the period between the Feast of the Ascension and Pentecost, we are encouraged to spend time in prayer so that more people may come to know Jesus Christ, as part of a global movement called ‘Thy Kingdom Come’. In previous years we have held a Day of Prayer at St Stephen Walbrook for Thy  [Read More]

Night Prayer – 26th May 2020

Phillip is a student at St Augustine’s College of Theology and was asked to lead Compline (Night Prayer) this evening. As a special day – the College’s Patronal Festival – and operating within the guidelines of the College of Bishops, the service was broadcast from the church.