Sermons by Phillip Dawson

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Start:Stop – The Pride Busters

In the early hours of 17th May 1943, 617 Squadron RAF Bomber Command executed “Operation Chastise”. The mission, using precision flying to deploy special bouncing bombs, sought to frustrate the German war machine by destroying dams and hydro-electric power stations. The manoeuvre was immortalised in the film “The Dam Busters”. On being awarded ten thousand  [Read More]

Start:Stop – A vision of a new City

The vision of the New Jerusalem has inspired countless artists through the ages. Some of whom helped to create The Festival of Britain, opened on 3rd May 1951, which offered a new vision of life in peace time, after the Second World War. How might the vision of the Heavenly City inspire us as we  [Read More]

Start:Stop – “You’re on mute!”

“You’re on mute!” Can our recent experience communicating online help us fulfil our calling to become what St Oscar Romero described as “true microphones of God”? Listen to this week’s Start:Stop reflection at the link above or read the transcript at this link. Please support the ongoing ministry of St Stephen Walbrook by making a  [Read More]

Start:Stop – The Underground Stream

Forgotten Streams is a sculpture by Crista Iglesias opposite the church which reminds us of the River Walbrook which flows beneath our feet. This Lent, we are called to rediscover the underground stream that flows between the fountain of our baptism and the eternal sea of God’s love. Find out more in this week’s Start:Stop  [Read More]

Start:Stop – Fasting and Feasting

During Lent, which is just three weeks away, Christians are particularly encouraged to adopt spiritual practices that help to re-set our relationship with God. The three traditional ways to do so are through reading and study of scripture, prayer and fasting which, following Jesus’s example in the desert, is usually interpreted as abstaining from certain  [Read More]

Start:Stop – The Conversion of Paul

Welcome to this week’s Start:Stop reflection from St Stephen Walbrook, when we stop for a few minutes and start to reflect on a passage from scripture This week the church celebrates the Conversion of St Paul – an event on the road to Damascus vividly described in the Acts of the Apostles. Paul’s own accounts  [Read More]