Wellbeing Classes – Mindfulness & Yoga
Morning and Evening Classes from January 2023

* Wellbeing classes led by an experienced teacher
* Morning mindful meditation (30 minutes)
* Evening yoga classes (60 minutes)
* Unwind in sublime surroundings

Escape the hustle and bustle of the City and start the new year with a rejuvenating wellbeing class at St Stephen Walbrook. Join us in the morning for Mindfulness Classes or after work for an hour of Yoga, led by an experienced teacher. Unwind within the tranquil surroundings of St Stephen Walbrook, leave feeling refreshed and inspired by the stunning architecture of this City of London church.

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Morning Mindful Meditation

A 30-minute session designed to help you enjoy more energy, less stress and greater mental clarity.

The session comprises gentle physical, breath, visualisation, mindfulness and meditation exercises. They are easy to follow, need no prior experience and you don’t need to change out of your work clothes. You will take away simple, valuable tools you can use any time.

Meditation is scientifically proven to reduce stress and improve mood, sleep, energy, creativity, even executive decision making!

The details

  • Morning Mindful Meditation
  • Classes are 30 minutes long and begin at 08:30
  • £15 per class
  • No need to bring a mat, attendees will be sitting at the pews
  • Water will be provided

Book classes at the links below:

Mindful Meditation – Wednesday 18th January 8.30am
Mindful Meditation – Wednesday 1st February 8.30am
Mindful Meditation – Wednesday 15th February 8.30am
Mindful Meditation – Wednesday 1st March 8.30am
Mindful Meditation – Wednesday 15th March 8.30am
Mindful Meditation – Wednesday 29th March 8.30am

Evening Yoga Classes

Calm your mind and re-energise your body in this 60 minute class. Yoga is an ancient practice with contemporary application, proven to help with today’s challenges such as stress, energy, clarity and resilience.

Each class is a blend of physical postures, breath techniques, meditation, mantras, music and relaxation. 

The class will suit both beginners and experienced yogis, regardless of age or fitness. Although classes can sometimes be physically demanding, the emphasis is on mental agility and resilience. Yoga is not a competitive sport!

The details

  • Evening Yoga & Meditation
  • Classes are 1 hour long and begin at 17:30
  • £20 per class
  • Please bring your own mat
  • Water will be provided

Please be sure to let your teacher know before class if you have any form of injury or serious illness, or if you are pregnant or have recently had a baby.

Book classes at the links below:

Yoga Class – Thursday 12th January 5.30pm
Yoga Class – Thursday 26th January 5.30pm
Yoga Class – Thursday 9th February 5.30pm
Yoga Class – Thursday 9th March 5.30pm
Yoga Class – Tuesday 21st March 5.30pm


About the teacher

Nick designs and implements workplace wellbeing programmes as well as teaching privately and in groups. Nick spent the first part of his career working in marketing agencies and corporate organisations so understands the demands made on people. He appreciates that deadlines, targets, clients, colleagues and budgets are just some of the challenges that can lead to unhealthy pressure. After trying many forms of yoga and meditation, Nick chose to teach Kundalini and has seen it delivering great results for so many different people. He loves the fact that the same class can be practiced in a vigorous or gentle manner, depending on how you are feeling, because it is a personal experience, no one is better at it than anyone else!
His style is clear and sensitive, he makes the sessions accessible and relevant to all. Find out more about Nick on his website.