Diocese of London * the Parish of St Stephen Walbrook

An invitation to join our Electoral Roll * Deadline 10th March 2019

The Church of England is a profoundly democratic organisation. You have the right to vote for your Parochial Church Council and for your representatives on Deanery Synod – who, in turn, vote for the representatives of the Diocese on General Synod (which is the Parliament of the Church of England). The way to vote is to be a member of the electoral roll. This is also the way you show your membership of this particular church.

Notice is hereby given that under the Church Representation Rules a new Church Electoral Roll is being prepared. All persons who wish to have their names entered on the new Roll, whether their names are entered on the present Roll or not, are requested to apply for enrolment on the new Roll not later than 10th March 2019. Enrolment Forms can be either downloaded from our website or can be collected from the church office. Please note that a form is required for each person, so a married couple will need to fill out two. The new Roll will come into operation upon publication, which is expected to be on or about Monday 25th March, and endorsed at the Annual Parochial Church Meeting on 25th April.
After you have downloaded and completed the form then please post it to:
The Electoral Roll Officer, St Stephen Walbrook, 39 Walbrook, London EC4N 8BN.

Click here to download the Electoral Roll Application form

We would be most grateful if when you complete your enrollment application form you could also commit yourself to regular giving through a Standing Order. This can be done online very easily and securely on this page: www.ststephenwalbrook.net/support-us/.
Or if you prefer to do it with pen and paper, and mail us the signed original you can download a standing order Bank Mandate form
Click here to download the Bank Mandate form
Your generosity in this matter as always is much appreciated.

Under the Church Representation Rules any lay persons are entitled to have their names entered on the Roll if they
(i) are baptised and aged 16 or over;
(ii) have signed a form of application for enrolment;
and either
(iii) are members of the Church of England or of any church in communion with the Church of England being resident in the parish or (not being resident in the parish) having habitually attended public worship in the parish during the six months prior to the application for enrolment;
(iv) are members in good standing of a Church (not in communion with the Church of England) which subscribes to the doctrine of the Holy Trinity declaring themselves to be also members of the Church of England and having habitually attended public worship in the parish during the period of six months prior to enrolment.

Any error discovered in the Roll should be reported at once to the undersigned.

Dated this 21st day of February 2019

Melvyn G Jeremiah CB
Church Electoral Roll Officer
St Stephen Walbrook
39 Walbrook
London EC4N 8BN

In this Notice “parish” means an ecclesiastical parish.