You can find an audio recording of this week’s Start:Stop reflection on our Online Services page.

Although the doors of our building are closed to reduce the spread of Covid-19, our church and our hearts remain ever open.

Under normal circumstances, every Tuesday morning we would open the church to allow busy city workers to start their day by stopping to reflect for ten minutes, with a rolling programme of ten minute reflections, beginning every quarter of an hour.

Every 15 minutes between 7.45am and 9.15am, a 10 minute session of reflection begins. These sessions include bible passages, meditations, music, prayers, readings and silence.

We look forward to being able to resume our Start:Stop reflections once the church is able to reopen.  In the meantime, we will continue to post our reflections as an audio recording. You can find an audio recording of this week’s Start:Stop reflection on our Online Services page.

Catch up with previous recordings at the links below:

11th January 2022 – Thy Word – The Legacy of Roger Fenton and the King James Bible translators (2 Timothy 3.14-17)

23rd November 2021 – The Gift of Music (Psalm 150)
16th November 2021 – Hilda of Whitby, Servant Leader (John 13.12-17)
9th November 2021 – Remembering Woodbine Willy (Isaiah 53.1-6)
2nd November 2021 – Social Poets. Celebrating the Foundation of the Samaritans (Luke 10.25-37)
26th October – Half Term Break
19th October 2021 – Celebrating St Luke (Luke 4.16-30)
12th October 2021 – Elizabeth Fry, Prison Reformer (Matthew 25.34-40)
5th October 2021 – Celebrating St Francis of Assisi (Luke 12.22-34)
28th September 2021 – Faith and Works (James 1.22-27)
21st September 2021 – Frozen Assets : Celebrating St Matthew (Matthew 9.9-13)
14th September 2021 – Will the dust praise you? (Psalm 30)
7th September 2021 – Role Conflict : The perspective of Mary (Matthew 1.18-23)

20th July 2021 – Business as usual (Romans 12.9-12)
13th July 2021 – A passion for fairness and moderation (Philippians 4.4-8)
6th July 2021 – It’s all in the cloud (Ephesians 3.16-19)
22nd June 2021 – Re-clothing God? Celebrating St Alban and St Amphibalus
8th June 2021 – Thomas Ken
25th May 2021 – Out of the Deep (Psalm 130)
18th May 2021 – Pray for the peace of Jerusalem (Psalm 122)
11th May 2021 – I have called you by name, you are mine (Isaiah 43.1-7)
4th May 2021 – Forty English Saints and Martyrs of the Reformation Era
27th April 2021 – Catherine of Siena
23rd March 2021 – Lord, do you wash my feet? (John 13.1-11)
16th March 2021 – Nevertheless Believers (John 12.37-43)
9th March 2021 – Jesus heals a man born blind (John 9.1-12)
2nd March 2021 – Do you want to be made well? (John 5.1-17)
23rd February 2021 – Nicodemus and Jesus (John 3.1-10)
16th February 2021 – Feasting and Fasting 
9th February 2021 – Celebrating Changes (Luke 10.38-42 & 13.6-9)
26th January 2021 – The Long Road to Damascus
19th January 2021 – The Church In Ethiopia
12th January 2021 – The Journey of the Magi