Join us at our annual Business Harvest Festival as we give thanks to God for our skills and talents and the good use we put them to. Bring along an object that represents your daily work, to process to the altar during the service, as a symbol of thankfulness.

Our Business Harvest Festival lasts 45 minutes and a light lunch is served afterwards, finishing in time for those who need to return to work within the lunch hour to do so. This popular service includes beautiful music sung by our Choral Scholars.

Our Business Harvest Festival has its roots as an Industrial Harvest Festival in Bolton where our former Rector, Chad Varah was a curate. There, members of the congregation processed an industrial sized boiler and large barrels of beer up to the altar!

Here at St Stephen Walbrook our Business Harvest Festival invites people to bring a symbol that represents their working life (paid or voluntary work) and process this to the altar during the service. Living and working in our parish and the surrounding area are those who work in insurance and financial services companies, art dealers, dentists, shops, property companies, museums, restaurants, hotels, wine importers, not to mention the City Livery Companies and a large number of volunteers. Last year everything from bottles of wine to copies of business reports, loaves of bread and works of art were processed and placed at the altar.

Join us for this special service as we give thanks to God for all who undertake paid and voluntary work in the City of London and for the goodness this brings.