Lent Group – The Passion in Art
Thursdays March 5, 12, 19, 2020
6pm Glass of wine followed by presentation

We are delighted to welcome back Archdeacon Peter Delaney to St Stephen Walbrook to lead our Lent Group “The Passion in Art.”  More information can be found in this leaflet.

Thursday 5th March – Andrea Mantegna The Agony in the Garden 1460 (Mark 14: 34)
Thursday 12th March – Hieronymus Bosch Christ Mocked 1495 ( John 19.2)
Thursday 19th March – The Agony in the Garden 1570 (Matthew 26: 42)
Saturday 21st March – 3pmGallery Visit (Meet Sainsbury Wing entrance of the National Gallery) A chance to see the paintings in the National Gallery and to capture something of the richness of their paint surface and the impact of light on the pigment. We shall gather for tea in the café following the visit.

These three powerpoint lectures will examine how artists have represented the Passion in art attempting to capture the events of the Passion of Christ from their own personal points of view. The images we shall look at are a disparate series of observations based on scripture but endowed with the gift of faith. The three paintings illustrated will be the centre of each lecture, but there will be reference to others seen in comparison.

Through the centuries men and women have brought their own emotions into play while attempting to record the story of Jesus Christ’s last two weeks of his life ending with Good Friday and Easter Day. The church has played its part in commissioning these art works along with a wide number of private patrons all seeking to stamp their own views on the traditional scriptural records in the gospels. Some of these religious images are made for use in worship in public places, some for private and personal use; some to impress others in their detailed techniques, others to impress by their simplicity and profound depth. All try to capture the pain and the suffering of the figure at the centre of all the images – Jesus Christ, an historical figure whose last days on earth changed the course of history. Our Lent Groups will endeavour to follow these days together.