Sermons by Phillip Dawson

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Start:Stop – “You’re on mute!”

“You’re on mute!” Can our recent experience communicating online help us fulfil our calling to become what St Oscar Romero described as “true microphones of God”? Listen to this week’s Start:Stop reflection at the link above or read the transcript at this link. Please support the ongoing ministry of St Stephen Walbrook by making a  [Read More]

Start:Stop – The Underground Stream

Forgotten Streams is a sculpture by Crista Iglesias opposite the church which reminds us of the River Walbrook which flows beneath our feet. This Lent, we are called to rediscover the underground stream that flows between the fountain of our baptism and the eternal sea of God’s love. Find out more in this week’s Start:Stop  [Read More]

Start:Stop – Fasting and Feasting

During Lent, which is just three weeks away, Christians are particularly encouraged to adopt spiritual practices that help to re-set our relationship with God. The three traditional ways to do so are through reading and study of scripture, prayer and fasting which, following Jesus’s example in the desert, is usually interpreted as abstaining from certain  [Read More]

Start:Stop – The Conversion of Paul

Welcome to this week’s Start:Stop reflection from St Stephen Walbrook, when we stop for a few minutes and start to reflect on a passage from scripture This week the church celebrates the Conversion of St Paul – an event on the road to Damascus vividly described in the Acts of the Apostles. Paul’s own accounts  [Read More]

Start:Stop-Thy Word

The sixteenth of January marks the anniversary of the death of Roger Fenton, a former Rector of St Stephen Walbrook who died in 1615. He was a member of the committee that produced the King James Version of the bible, responsible for translating the New Testament Epistles. Find out more about his life and legacy  [Read More]

Sung Eucharist – Advent 3

SUNG EUCHARIST FROM ST STEPHEN WALBROOKThe Third Week of Advent Please join us for our Sung Eucharist recorded on Thursday 16th December 2021. Join us in church on Thursday 23rd December at 12.45pm if you are able, for an early celebration of Christmas in the City. Our preacher will be The Venerable Peter Delaney MBE  [Read More]

Start:Stop – Come, Lord Jesus

We can’t see Jesus in the flesh, hear him teaching in Galilee or watch as he performs miracles. But, by the gift of the Holy Spirit, we can encounter Him through the scriptures, and in prayer. A great advent prayer is “Maranatha” – an Aramaic word – the language Jesus himself spoke. It means “Come,  [Read More]

Choral Eucharist – Christ the King

CHORAL EUCHARIST – CHRIST THE KINGThursday 25th November 2021 Join us for our Choral Eucharist celebrating the Feast of Christ the King by watching this video. Do donate generously to support the ministry of St Stephen Walbrook if you are able, by making a contribution at this link.Please make a note of the services taking  [Read More]