Start:Stop at St Stephen Walbrook enables busy people to start their day by stopping to reflect. Ten minute reflections are repeated on the quarter hour, from 7.45am until 9.00am every Tuesday morning, beginning with a reading from scripture, followed by a reflection based on an event from this week in history, with space for silence and prayer. 

Role conflict is a significant cause of stress. It can occur in the workplace when we face seemingly incompatible expectations – for example, conflicting deadlines set by different supervisors or clients. But it’s not just at work that we encounter role conflict, but within all areas of life – and particularly where different areas of our lives meet. This can often be the case at this time of year – returning home for family gatherings we may have a role as siblings and children as well as parents – all at the same time.

This week our gospel reading confronts us with multiple role conflicts. What can the example of Mary and Joseph teach us about the conflicting roles we embody in our lives? 

Listen to this week’s Start:Stop reflection at the link above, or read the script here.

Image : Joseph’s Dream by Georges de la Tour