Start Stop : New Beginnings
Thursday 6th September 2022

Start:Stop at St Stephen Walbrook enables busy people to start their day by stopping to reflect. Ten minute reflections are repeated on the quarter hour, from 7.45am until 9.00m every Tuesday morning, beginning with a reading from scripture, followed by a reflection based on an event from this week in history, with space for silence and prayer. 

Bible Reading : Nehemiah 2.11-18

On 6th September 1666 the Great Fire of London was brought to an end, partly due to a change in the wind direction but also through the successful creation of firebreaks in the City. May we remember that each and every day we are offered a new start – to be agents of light. Informed by the past but not dragged down by where we have come up short in the past. The steadfast love and mercies of the Lord are renewed every morning.