This week we look at a passage that opens the second half of John’s Gospel – the ‘Book of Glory’. Here, the pace of events slows and the focus changes. John has spent the first part of his Gospel describing, through signs and teaching , Jesus’ love for the world. Now he focuses on Jesus’ love for his followers. For the next five chapters, John describes Jesus speaking only to the disciples; teaching them – and us – how to follow him in faith after his death and resurrection. His first lesson takes place during the Last Supper as he washes the disciples feet. What a powerful lesson to start with – and a practical demonstration at that! Just like the disciples, perhaps we too can most fully understand the love of Jesus not only by reading or hearing about it – but by witnessing it, experiencing it for ourselves. 

When did you last see God’s love at work? 

Listen or download this weeks’ Start:Stop reflection at the link above, or click here to read the script in full. 

Image : Sadao Watanabe – Washing the Disciples Feet, 1988