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On Thursday, the church celebrates the life of St Matthias. Virtually all we know about him is from a few short passages in Acts of the Apostles, which tells us that he’d been a loyal follower of Jesus right from the start, as had another man, Justus. Faced with the task of selecting a replacement after the death of Judas, the eleven remaining apostles found they could not decide between Matthias and Justus, so they prayed to the Lord, before casting lots. 

But this wasn’t the first time they’d put their trust in the Lord. Had these “witnesses to the resurrection” not embraced their fear and trusted in the extraordinary experience of their resurrection encounters with Jesus, there would be no Good News for us to share – no basis for our faith.  

Amidst the thousands, perhaps millions of decisions we’ve made in our lives, the most important was surely the decision we made at our baptism, to turn to Christ as Saviour and to trust him as Lord. To become witnesses to His resurrection.

Are we living up to that promise?

Image : Christ and the Apostles, Georges Rourault, 1937-8