Choral Classics from St Stephen Walbrook
Recorded on Thursday 13th May 2021

The Choral Scholars of St Stephen Walbrook are directed by Gabriella Noble, accompanied by Polina Sosnina and introduced by The Reverend Stephen Baxter.

King of Glory, King of Peace – Walford Davies
O clap your hands – Gibbons
Reading: Ascension by John Donne
Coelos ascendit – Stanford
Reading: Sonnet for Ascension Day by Malcolm Guite
God is gone up – Finzi

Do join us in church every Thursday from 12.15pm if you are able for Choral Classics Live and stay for our Choral Eucharist at 12.45pm. Donations to support the work, including the music ministry, of St Stephen Walbrook are much appreciated and can be made at this link.