The London Internet Church is an integral part of the mission and ministry of the Diocese of London. The LIC was established in 2006 and is based at the Parish Church of St Stephen Walbrook at the heart of the City of London.

The London Internet Church (part of the ministry and mission of St Stephen Walbrook) is a gathered global community that meets by internet online to :

  • Share Christian content widely, including related interests, teaching, education, dialogue, worship and prayer related requests, music and the arts which are designed to lead the enquirer to a deeper understanding of Jesus Christ and the purpose of the Church of God.
  • Provide a means of support to those asking for intercessory prayer and light a candle ministry.
  • Offer a ministry of encouragement to all by reporting news of God at work in individuals, churches, communities and nations.
  • Through its Community Forum engage with respondents over Christian enquiry and sharing mutual interests.

The London Internet Church was established in 2007 by former Rector, The Ven. Peter Delaney, and is based at St Stephen Walbrook. The uniqueness of the London Internet Church as it is conceived at St Stephen Walbrook is that as well as being an internet based church it is rooted in a real community of Christian people who through their prayers and active pastoral outreach respond to the needs of the LIC community on a daily basis. In particular, the intercessory prayer ministry is prayed weekly by a support group of linked intercessors and at a weekly prayer meeting following our Eucharist on Thursdays. Many join the London Internet Church each day for Night Prayer, to Request a Prayer, or to watch our wide range of interviews and other films.

The London Internet Church is a registered charity: CCR number 1122808.