St Stephen Walbrook stands witness next to the Lord Mayor’s residence and at the heart of the City it was built to serve. For over a thousand years a place of worship has stood on this site. St Stephen Walbrook is able to draw on its own significant history and the wisdom resources of Christianity to offer services which will make a difference to the way you work and the people you employ. We wish to offer the best from our heritage of wisdom and spirituality in a way which can impact your business through cultural understanding, diversity and openness, workplace spirituality, pastoral care and stress management.


  • Pastoral care: We can offer workplace visits by a workplace chaplain offering networking, establishing rapport and relationship, being approachable and offering pastoral care for those who wish to speak confidentially about personal issues.
  • Start:Stop: 10 minute work-based reflections which enable employees to start their day by stopping for a moment of quiet thought and reflection. Available for delivery in quiet/prayer rooms with the reflection repeated at 15 minute intervals over the course of one hour.


  • Values Programme: a programme of workshops and bi-weekly meetings addressing the trust deficit issue by focusing on values, not regulation, and exploring integrity, honesty, fairness, respect, humour, wisdom, fortitude, counsel, patience and courage.
  • Topical seminars/talks: a range of talks, seminars, courses and information on the interface between work and spirituality plus topical issues of ethics, trust and values.

+Cultural literacy

  • Celebrations of diversity: Tailored events/services celebrating development and progress by diversity networks/ champions across the Diversity agenda – disability, faith, gender, race and sexuality.
  • Faith Communities Toolkit and Awareness Training: Highlights traditions and practices and focuses on employment issues and how to engage with people from different faiths. Awareness Training covers: use of the Faith Communities Toolkit; Spirituality at work; Cultural awareness and faith literacy; Religious discrimination legislation. Customised toolkits can be researched, designed and tailored exactly to your brand and needs.

For more information and for fees contact: Revd Jonathan Evens, Priest-in-charge, St Stephen Walbrook. Tel: 020 7626 9000. Email: